Friday, March 2, 2012

Girl's Day

As a child, we celebrated Girl's Day, or in Japanese, Hinamatsuri - the Japanese Doll Festival.

The third day of the third month of every year, we would make paper dolls and Grandma would give all her daughters and grand daughters (and now greath grand daughters) $5.

Then, on the fifth day of the fifth month, the boys would get there turn for, you guessed it, Boy's Day!

Now, both have been combined into Children's day. But not in our family!

This year, I invited my grandma, mom, two sisters, and neice to join me for Girl's Day - we'll start with some manicures/pedicures followed by afternoon tea at the Halekulani! To add a personal touch to the table, I made placecards and decided to share the design as a card.

Why not take a few minutes to let a friend or loved one know that you're thinking about them? There's a lot of fun things that come with being a woman (admittedly, frustrating ones, as well) but for tomorrow, let a someone know the good that you see in her, the things you love and appreciate about her.
Click on the image to download the file (pdf through google docs)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentines {treats}

Looking for a {really} simple treat to share with loved ones {or your kiddo's classmates and friends}?

I found a similar idea on Pinterest and CANNOT take credit for this cute idea.

The files are at the bottom

 {Above poster inspired by West Elm's website design}

Here's the files loaded through Google Documents: 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Every year, I fall for you!

I love fall!

I just hosted a fall party this past weekend and had so much fun! I setup a caramel apple (slice) bar with a variety of toppings to dip into. I also made a chai spiced trifle, donut acorns, chili, cornbread, and, of course, apple cidar and hot cocoa. My friend, Aubrey, decorated some beautiful (and very delicious) maple leaf cookies that I used as favors (see picture below). She also made some tasty gingerbread marshmellows to go with our hot chocolate - yum!
I don't have a working camera (except my phone), so once I get pictures from friends, I'll post them. In the meanwhile, my phone gave me this:

Those are the maple leaf cookie favors -- so delicious! Thanks, Aubrey, you're great :) If you ever need cute, tasty treats, Aubrey is definitely the one to call!

For those interested in upcoming DIY | Monthly events, here's what's next:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Final dates for this fall!

Looks like Saturday is the winner for our monthly craft days! Perfect!
Here are the dates for the rest of this year:

October 22nd, Saturday -- We will be getting ahead start on Christmas gifts by making a few of our own.

November 19th, Saturday -- We will be making a beautiful, festive wreath perfect for some holiday cheer!

Well, December will be announced soon. We will probably have an evening celebration/cookie exchange, as described here: December Party

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY | Monthly | Dates

Okay, for those plan ahead-ers {like myself}, look at your calendars and let me know what day works better: Saturday morning or Sunday afternoons? Take a minute and vote in the poll to your right ----------------------------------------------------------------------->

The voting ends next week, so let me know what you think! Once I get some feedback, I will set the final dates!

{Oh, and if you want to sign up to receive invites to the craft days, send me an email (use the link to the right), and I'll add you to the list!}
I have the projects for October, November, and December all lined up and ready for you. Did I peak your interest? Well, I'm too excited to keep a secret, so here's a look ahead:

October -- Prepare and Enjoy:
This month, we will begin preparations for the Christmas. Never too early to prepare now and enjoy later. Our Christmas preps will include a variety of homemade gifts that are cute AND won't end up buried in dust or in the donate pile! More details to come, but here's ONE of the possible projects!  This will be a longer day with much more to take home!

November -- Presentation and packaging:
We'll be making this gorgeous wreath! I've already made a "practice," and it's wonderful!

December -- Delicious and Decorative:
I'm VERY excited about this one! That's an understatement :) For December, we will each bake up some favorite cookies and meet up for a cookie exchange/packaging party! I will gather up {cute} supplies for everyone to nicely package their cookies to give as gifts. I have a growing appreciation for a well-presented gift... and so will you {if you don't already} once you see some of these inspirational ideas!

And just off the top of my head, I'm thinking our project day in January will be spent preparing for the year -- gifts and cards for all occasions (oooh, do I have some ideas already in the works for this!).

Disclaimer: The plans may change, but as of now, that's what this fall is looking like!

I hope you're as excited as I am. Please feel free to make project suggestions! I won't forget to put out the Idea cards this time!

Until September 18th at 2pm!


Monday, September 5, 2011


Given enough time, the little choices, the little discoveries, the little things make up for a big part of life! Whether it's the food I'm eating (I really appreciate food), the jewelry I'm making, the crafts I'm crafting, the people I'm loving, or the God I'm serving, there's a design to it all.

I have a lot of ideas about many things. I don't necessarily intend to implement every idea into a plan or weekend project. I reassure my husband, "It's just an idea....{for now}." Currently, these ideas and endeavors include graphic designing (learning how!), projects around the house, stationary and card designing, and anything else I can do myself!

I am happily married to an incredibly talented and skilled man who strives to provide safety, security, and support for me and our future family (no kiddos yet!) by keeping God his number ONE priority before me, work, or surfing :)

I desire to be a graceful soul that welcomes and serves first God, then my husband, family, and those along life's journey. I strive to make sure our home and our schedules reflect that same welcome. I don't have it all together, life happens, but I give it my best shot and am always learning as I enjoy the journey.

Here's to those little surprises in life that come at the most unsuspecting moments! I hope you discover a few as our path's cross.